Alaska’s Eternal Rest
Viking funerals and scatterings of cremated remains in pure Alaskan nature.

In the coastal wilderness of Alaska lies a place of peace and purity located on a private parcel of land within Kachemak Bay State Park. A place so quiet one can hear the calls of songbirds and Bald Eagles, the puffs of whales, the callings of sea otters, the lapping of waves on the shore, and the wind in the trees. It is a place where snowmobiles, jet skis and four wheelers are prohibited in order to preserve the rare experience of peace within nature. There are no roads, only trails made over the centuries by moose, mountain goats, and bears. Access is by boat from the small town of Homer, Alaska. This is a place where the cremated remains of your loved ones can spend eternity.

The Park shall remain a remote and pristine sanctuary, our parcel shall remain as our home and wilderness lodge within the Park, and the spirits of your loved ones will be cradled in beauty, love, and Alaskan history from the very first inhabitants to the future.


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Keith and Randi Iverson
“Alaska’s Eternal Rest”
Box 2265, Homer, Alaska 99603
Phone 907-235-2350

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